Shipping Insurance


Since the Government, with effect from 20 July 2007, introduced an exemption which removes the need for freight forwarders or storage firms who are carrying on insurance mediation with commercial customers to be authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA), we have been able to offer marine insurance to commercial clients who entrust their cargo to us.. A general outline of the insurance we hold is detailed below.

Freight Forwarders Legal Liability (as carriers & agents)

We hold insurance for legal liability arising whilst acting as freight forwarding carriers and agents to the sum of up to £250,000 per single vessel, aircraft or conveyance. This covers cargo whilst in our care.

Standard Conditions

Standard conditions are defined by the following Institute Clauses and covers cargo in the ordinary course of transit:

Limits Of Liability

Insurance covers what is termed as Approved General Merchandise, that is goods not particularly susceptible to breakage, theft, leakage or water damage etc. Examples of goods which we are not covered for and would require the customer to either arrange their own insurance or instruct us to take out specific insurance include:


Goods covered by our insurance are covered whilst in storage at our warehousing facility.

FOB Sendings

Goods are covered from the time they leave our warehouse to the time they arrive at the airport or port prior to boarding, after which cover is either transferred to the recipient or falls under the standard Institute Clauses.


Insurance requirements will vary on your cargos sales terms which are defined as Incoterms. For example, if you are exporting to a customer in China and have sold your goods 'Ex Works' then you are not liable for insurance, the buyer is, but if your sales terms are 'Delivered Duty Paid' then you are liable for insurance for the entire journey from your factory through to the final destination. Either way, most cargos can be covered by our insurance.


If information on this page in no way reflects the exact nature of the insurance provided and is meant only as a guide in the first instance as to the general nature of the insurance we are able to provide.

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